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This screeching in my heart – do you hear it?
Needle prick tears just below the eyes,
waiting for the vortex to open
and darkness to swell.
I'm screaming inside – can you hear?
Tree-bark skin thought to be tough
only birch. Parchment thick.
Flesh, exposed to the elements.
Sobs escaping – will you hear me?
Swirling past into present,
the vortex begins to open...
Darkness swells.
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 1 0
Gentle blade,
so slowly you stab.
Dull, constant
You will never leave me.
Years we've grown
knowing each other more deeply.
Then the rasping,
Oh blood, you're new.
But not for long.
Pain dons new garb.
Dressing up for a special night,
in waves of roiling thunder.
Old friend, I wouldn't be sorry to see you go.
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 5 6
Butterfly woman looks to sky in predawn
dancing elegantly between dewdrops, pine needles
imitating sun-glazed clouds in the wind.
Moth woman dances at twilight,
Charlston-flapper wings, fluttering like panicked eyelashes.
Dodging hungry bats, she swoops toward sky
and bright lit moon –
moth to flame.
Butterfly woman twirls in sunlight
warmth and breezes lifting her delight.
Spirit of the order,
she leaps to feel the treetops.
Moth woman twists through darkness
pale arms raised, undulating.
Spirit of the wild,
she knows paths of the world.
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 1 2
Mature content
Cold :iconlorananirren:lorananirren 1 0
Fertility Rites
she spoke
in the place where ever
meets infinity
eight perfect circles
rounding their sources
of fertility rites and
encompassing a concept
only dreamt of
in the darkest of their
holy nights
she spoke,
whispering age-old truths
she was born
to understand
her eyes perceived in new vision
no longer the
passions and pleasures
of youth
she began to see in terms
of future
and forever
of the greatest possible
murmuring her hopes and fears
she caressed her body's newborn swells
soothing the wildness within
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 1 2
I used to understand the laughter of the breeze
and the language of the trees as they spoke in silent prayer.
I used to speak in river babble,
it was beautiful –
Robin song after a desolate winter.
I lost the path to dreams,
mired in mundane quicksand.
Trapped by my desire to live,
I forgot how.
You showed me the stars again,
The stars are lost souls
Burning beacons to guide our way.

Turning to me, you wrote "My Star" on my left arm
And said I held you back from joining the Pleiades.
Your breath joined my nerves in a desperate tango
Seductive whispers: You inspire
the deepest serenity in me,
The first frozen raindrops entwined in patterns
on a December window pane.

And I shiver from toenails to follicles
with the moonbeam caress of your lips –
you trace a path on my skin,
a falling star follows and I am found.
The tree prayer sings,
wind's laughter rings,
because your heart
gave my soul wings.
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 1 2
Mature content
Teardrop :iconlorananirren:lorananirren 4 4
Her Heart Yearns
Restless, storm-swept night
sighing distantly with cooling winds --
Raindrops slather the gutters
a moment, a drowning waterfall.
Clouds whisper secrets
of the hidden Harvest moon.
time to retire
with the song of wind chimes.
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 2 6
Retail Therapy
One long loop, scale-patterned
entwined with crossing straps
that shine like oil in the sunlight
without the rainbows.
The two inch, narrow heel
usually isn't my style.
Do I really want to spend
$25 I could use for food?
Slip on the right, just try the fit.
and the left – see how they walk.
I sway my hips more, I can feel it.
They match my slacks better
than the leather brown sandals.
Some say money can't buy happiness,
but maybe one can buy a piece of peace.
Checking the mirrors
the lady in Shopko's shoe department
mentions that they match my outfit –
As if I didn't see that.
Standing behind the car with an open trunk,
sandals tossed into the box.
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 1 4
The Nature of a Home
It's possible to have an organized mess
knowing that everything has its proper place,
but not always putting things away.
It's my room, my home –
I'm comfortable as long as I can walk
among the rabble on the floor.
Hair spiders and dust bunnies own my floor;
they grow and reproduce, it's such a mess!
Sometimes it's so bad I'm afraid to walk
through to my bed. They bite my feet, take over the place!
Then I know it's time to show them this is MY home.
I vacuum, and they go away.
Sometimes I think, "If I could find a way
to get new carpeting for this floor
this room would feel so much more like home!"
I'd like to have more seating, but the mess
of furniture just can't fit in this small place.
I think too much. Maybe I need a walk.
Down the institutional hall, the stairs, and out to the sidewalk
arguing with myself that I'm not running away
from always being the one to clean this place.
Crumbs constantly on the counters, filthy floors –
I'm not paid to clean my roommates' mess,
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 2 14
Mature content
Untitled - Villanelle :iconlorananirren:lorananirren 0 6
Manipulator's Woman
A candle wick, drowned in wax, burning low,
the scent of lavender gently soothing.
So many times I've watched that candle's glow
creating masquerades, shadows smoothing
the corners, edges, and all things between.
Mixed in with hazy, vodka-induced sight
to soften sharpness of a pain so mean
my muscles clench and give out in its bite.
The water scalds, skin reddened with the heat
but deeper pain holds my neurons enthralled.
Knees to my chest, and hands clasping my feet
resisting all you've said – I've just recalled.
And, overcome with tears, I let them break
I've realized how much I let you take.
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 1 6
I Believe in Roots
"You've got to believe in somethin," she said,
as if there isn't any other way
to live a happy, proper life today.
I really wanted to go back to bed;
I got to listen to her rant instead.
"I don't always agree with what they say,"
and "those kind don't believe in the right way!"
I'm hoping she forgets – I'm filled with dread.
A reed may bend to winds both strong and harsh
surrounded by a frozen, darkened pond,
and seem as beaten by the windy will
as does a debtor faced with a new bill.
Reeds are connected underneath the marsh
by roots that form an unbreakable bond.
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 4 9
Appeal to Tradition
I refuse to bless you when you sneeze
the practice is outdated, an old myth.
I have more faith in words heard on the breeze
than in the holy books you pelt me with.
It's not that I disparage your beliefs,
no, individuals must choose their own.
I'd rather like to turn a newer leaf –
expose the bias of religious drones.
I will not argue; try to change your mind
that's not my purpose, I would never show
such disrespect. If you respond in kind,
we can agree to disagree and grow.
The mountain's stance does not refer to me;
in my small ways, I stand for what I see.
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 4 10
Safe Space
It's not an easy walk. I like to take the shortcut, though I risk bloodthirsty brambles and muddied shoes or feet. As I walk, I remember midnights and noontides and mornings before. Each time the track is slightly different, but always leading toward the same place. My place. A mini cliff that looms over one of many shallow sandbars in Pheasant Branch. Branches of a fallen tree create a little shelter, a place to sit and think and feel safe away from life.
Cliche though it may be, there's no other way to put it than to say the creek babbles in the springtime. The soul of the place softly sings, speaking to me in gentle water speech. I hear birdsong in the sunshine: cardinals and chickadee chickadee chickadee dee dee. Those phoebe birds whine clearly through the air. I know that's not really their name, but that's what I hear whenever they're nearby. Cooing croons of mourning doves and harsh caws of jays fighting crows. A breeze trickles through the treetops, following the path of the c
:iconlorananirren:lorananirren 2 6
Imperfection - Friendship by lorananirren Imperfection - Friendship :iconlorananirren:lorananirren 2 2

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sweet touch deadly kiss by Princess-of-Shadows sweet touch deadly kiss :iconprincess-of-shadows:Princess-of-Shadows 2,609 763
Liquid Thoughts13
There is a fable about a thirsty crow. It finds a bottle with a bit of water left at the bottom. The problem is, its beak cannot reach through the neck of the bottle and it doesn't tip the bottle fear the sun-baked ground guzzle it up. So the crow gathers up a pebble in its beak and plops it into the bottle. Clunk, it hits the bottom of the bottle. Then it gathers up another pebble. And another. Until it is able to raise the level of water enough for it to drink.
Standing in my grandparent's living room while the doctor tended to my grandfather in the other room, that was all I could think about. I was desperately looking for something positive. I needed an outlet. I needed to reach the water something to set me free of all this. But all I had to answer for anything were my lies.
I had left Greg standing there. He gave up on me. Did he expect me to stay? He was the one who had lift in the first place. I had told Sybil and she agreed, saying he wasn't worth a word from me.
:iconmizzfwa:MizzFWA 1 4
FULL VIEW por favor by LuisBeto FULL VIEW por favor :iconluisbeto:LuisBeto 2 6
Melt down my anguish,
Take away this pain in my chest,
It rolls over my stomach like a cloud of acid rain,
Let it rain and storm, the hurricane ebbs and flows,
A collosal tower of sorrow, a pitiless black storm...
Tear my heart, let it sink, let it drown in its misery,
Pools of runny thoughts, hopes and placid dreams,
All Earth's laments, let it cry in woe from the agony,
Snowing pity on my heart, yet summer fires blaze,
An inferno of towering heat and pain,
Break these pieces, crush them to dust,
Leave me lying broken and dead...
Or have you already?
:iconmizzfwa:MizzFWA 2 17
Snow by Bobiscool411 Snow :iconbobiscool411:Bobiscool411 1 3
For as long as the sun shines upon the earth,
This orb that turns slowly beneath my feet,
How many suns will set 'til I gaze upon your face.
For as long as it continues to give birth
To the seasons, to renew while death retreats,
How many seasons will die 'til the sight of you makes my heart race.
For as long as the moon reflects its phases within me,
Stirring my passions by its eternal ebb and flow,
How many moons will fade 'til I reach thee.
For as long as it takes until I know,
The universe has no boundaries and no center,
Its darkness hides answers I shall never find.
For the love I have has no beginning,
No end to leave behind, no way to enter
Where the universe has no boundaries and no center.
:iconjade-pandora:Jade-Pandora 7 19
Mature content
Contact :iconblazeofglory17:BlazeofGlory17 1 31
Barbed-Wire Smiles
I'm tired of trying so hard to forget.
You bring me back every time
to this place I dont want to be
        it's like a prison-island
         out in the pacific
                      there's no escape
                      barbed wire fences
                      tempt me to climb
but that barbed wire catches flesh
ripping me back to you.
one day,
                  hopefully sooner than later
i'll find a way off this island of hell
this island you trap me on
    with a
:iconunexplored-beauty:unexplored-beauty 5 6
A likeness of His light
Is as if there were a niche,
Within it a lamp: the lamp enclosed
In glass;
The glass as it were a brilliant star,
Kindled from a blessed tree,
An olive neither of the East nor of the West,
Whose oil is well-nigh luminous,
Though fire scarce touched it:
Light upon Light.
:iconmizzfwa:MizzFWA 2 11
Forget it All
forget it all
forget why we try
forget why we fail
forget common sense
and pride
forget embarassment
forget failure
forget jealousy
forget the unknown
forget our times back then
forget what we are now
forget what binds
and separates
...if only it were that easy
to forget
all we've ever known
:iconunexplored-beauty:unexplored-beauty 3 1
Prayer by MizzFWA Prayer :iconmizzfwa:MizzFWA 2 20


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Personal Quote: I may not love myself always, I may have my doubts, but I know who I am.


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